How Your Business Startup Can Take Advantage Of The Holiday Spending Peak

The holidays are here, and your business startup needs to make the most of this selling opportunity. With holiday shopping expected to break $100 billion in online sales, according to a prediction by CMO, your business can take advantage of the holiday season by putting on its best face and generating additional revenue with these holiday promotional tips.

Find your special holiday niche

Start by taking a look at what your business startup offers that ties in with the holiday spirit, so you can maximize your sales with customers looking for that perfect holiday gift or treat. Think about the niche that your products and services serve and increase the hype with some added holiday cheer. Gear your products specifically as Christmas gifts and offer special services that can be gifted to friends and families. Customers will seize the opportunity for a new and creative gift idea that can bring that unexpected surprise come Christmas morning.

Engage with your customers

Now is the perfect time to divulge deeper into the relationship you have established with your customers. Engage with them in a fun way and help get them ready for the holidays by offering an interactive opportunity with your business startup. Maybe its picture with Santa, a customer appreciation party or just an offering of a holiday snack as they shop. The more you focus in on your client base and treat them special during the holiday time the more they will be apt to visit you after the long break.

Be merry and spread cheer on social media

Use the holidays as a time to show your business startup’s holiday cheer on social media. Be creative in your social media campaigns and include a holiday twist with each post that you make. Tie it into your products and services, and you have a holiday recipe for added shares, likes, and follows. This can increase your fan base and drive customers to your website in a flurry, allowing for more interaction with your offerings during the holiday season to help reach the ultimate in sales revenue.

Bring on the sales and giveaways

Customers love a deal, and they especially love one during the holiday season. With a large number of people to buy for on gift-giving lists, having the potential to save on a present can create some appreciation with your customers. Generate a buzz about your business startup by offering a generous sale or have a giveaway for a coveted product. This will drive traffic to your website as well as your brick and mortar location as your customers look to get in on the action.

Overhaul your website with a holiday motif

Remind your customers that the holidays are here and they need to get those last-minute purchases done by creating a website that has a festive look to it. With a simple design motif, you can evoke the holidays on your website and entice customers to buy gifts from your website even more.

Creating holiday packaging and promotions

Take the holidays to a new level by creating special packaging for your products that signifies the holidays are here. This will attract buyers and help them envision your offerings as the ideal holiday gift. Package multiple products together for a themed gift package or provide gift wrapping services to make it even easier for a customer to get their holiday to-do list done by buying from your business.

Make it easy to buy from your business startup

With the majority of transactions for the holidays happening online, you need to ensure your business startup is ready to handle the volume and the use of mobile devices. Ensure your website is optimized for the additional mobile device shopping you will see during the holidays and make sure it can handle the added load of transactions to occur through your website. Have plenty of inventory in stock as nothing disappoints a customer more than finding the perfect gift and then realizing it is out of stock. This can create a bad taste in the mouth of customers that want to make their Christmas shopping as easy as possible.

Don’t forget the kids

Many of your customers are parents that bring their kids in tow when they visit and shop with your business. Even if your business startup isn’t geared towards kids, you can create a special event that helps to entertain them during the holiday time. Provide goody bags to the kids or have a day that is dedicated just to children with activities designed around them. Parents will be thankful for the opportunity to shop at your business while their kids are entertained by your friendly staff of elves.

Appreciate the business you had all year-long

Make the holiday a time for appreciating the customers that have been loyal to your business by sending them a personalized holiday card. This will show your customers that their business matters and you couldn’t have gone through the year without it. By taking the time to send a holiday card that is handwritten, your customers will know that you put some thought and effort into the idea. Add a coupon or special discount savings to ensure these customers come visit you again after the holidays when business starts to slow.

Make time to give back

Your community is no doubt a big supporter of your business startup, and you need to do your part to give back. Use the holidays to donate to a local charity by holding a holiday fundraising event. Donate a portion of all sales made throughout the day or match your customers’ donations dollar for dollar. This is an ideal way to increase traffic to your business while also showing you are thankful to the community for their support all year-long.
Keeping these holiday promotional tips in mind, you can take advantage of the increase in purchases made this time of year. You will be able to show off your business’ holiday pride while enticing customers to buy your products and services as the perfect gift idea.

The Benefits of Renting Holiday Homes and Holiday Villas in Florida

Where else in the world offers more to do, more things to experience than the sheer magical place that is Florida?With its enviable climate which boasts over 300 days of sunshine each year, Florida is not known as the “Sunshine State” for nothing! Add to this the countless numbers of theme parks, water parks, film studios, golf course and shopping malls and no wonder this part of the USA has become one of the most popular holiday and vacation destinations to be found anywhere in the world.Without doubt, the best way to see this fabled state is by basing yourself in one of the many holiday homes, villas or holiday vacation rental properties, which can be found all over the state.One of the main reasons behind Florida’s popularity is of course due to the fact that during the late 1950’s, Walt Disney chose to build the now iconic Disney World entertainment theme park complex in Orlando and the surrounding areas.This has given Orlando the well earned tag of “entertainment capital” of the world and as anyone who has been there will tell you, there is simply no other place like it for the sheer scale and variety of entertainment and things to do for people of all ages, size and background, for children, teenagers, young couples and, of course, families.However many attractions there are to be found in Orlando, there are many other places and resorts just waiting to be discovered throughout the whole of this State. Wherever you may choose to visit and stay, my advice is to consider renting one of the many holiday homes and holiday villas which are available to rent directly from the owners. From coastal communities in St Petersburg or Sarasota, to resorts such as Hampton Lakes, Bradenton or Tuscan Ridge in the pleasant suburbs of Orlando- you will be amazed at the quality and choice on offer.Renting a holiday home or a holiday villa, allows you far more freedom to plan and organise your vacation to suit the needs and desires of your family. Renting a holiday property or other form of self catering accommodation allows you to come and go as you please, to eat and drink what you want when you want – in essence it is a true ” home from home” experience. There are holiday villas to rent with their own private pools set in beautifully manicured and gated communities as well as holiday homes and vacation rental properties which back onto superb championship quality golf courses. Did I mention that there are more golf courses in Florida than there are days in the year?But Florida is not only about Disney World and its numerous theme parks, water parks, movie studios, designer and themed hotels,far from it. Florida covers a land mass of over 58,000 square miles and offers an amazing range of attractions to explore and enjoy.Drive west down one of the many Interstates and you will arrive at the Gulf coast resorts of St Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater. These communities are full of the most beautifully appointed and spacious holiday homes, holiday villas and all manner of vacation rentals which you can rent for as many weeks of the year as you wish.Continue a little further South and you will happen upon Naples with its pristine beaches and warm seas and the Everglades National Park which is where you will find the natural habitat of the oldest of Florida residents -the manatee, alligator and crocodile.At the very bottom of the state, just 50 miles off the coast of Cuba, are the fabled Florida Keys. Adopted home of the author Ernest Hemmingway, the Keys are more reminiscent of the Caribbean in style, culture and feel as the atmosphere is very relaxing and laid back.Compare this with the largest city in the State, Miami, where Spanish is spoken almost as widely as English. Miami is full of art deco tradition and heavily influenced by the Spanish and Latin American cultures.As a party town and place to let your hair down and experience “la vida loca”,then Miami is a city with no equal.If you should ever tire of the central belt of Florida which is Orlando, take a day out to visit the Atlantic coast on the East side of the State. Head out to the Atlantic coast and enjoy the fun of surfing in huge rolling Atlantic breakers at the same time you can spend time marvelling at the wonders of the Space Center at Cape Canaveral. For a taste of real,down to earth coastal America, head for Coco Beach where you can drink Budweiser eat delicious key lime pie on the pier which juts out into the tempestuous Atlantic surf!Truly, Florida is an amazing “must ‘go-to” place. But avoid staying in hotels and motels if you can. Renting a new and well appointed spacious holiday home or villa or vacation rental property or for that matter any other form of self -catering accommodation will give you and the family the freedom to come and go as you please which will allow you to make the most of what the “Sunshine State” has to offer.

An African Vacation – Enjoy the Ultimate Holiday Experience

Why go for an African safariA safari vacation to Africa can be an irresistibly exotic experience that is bound to remain etched in the memory of every visitor for many years to come. The continent offers a wide variety of attractions to suit every taste, and travelers are left spoilt for choices. Such varied richness and diversity is something really hard to come by.Africa consists of numerous pristine beaches, vast stretches of desert, picturesque mountains, hundreds of national parks and reserves among other interesting attractions. These make for excellent destinations for those interested in taking Africa vacations and safaris. Beach vacations and safari tours are popular options for those desiring for a relaxed vacation.Holiday activities you can undertake in AfricaAlthough a majority of visitors to Africa are interested in game viewing safaris, there are other interesting activities that can be undertaken while on a vacation in Africa. These include mountain climbing, ballooning, birding and canoeing among others.Many safari lodges, also known as ‘bush hotels’ offer tourists a quintessential African experience; arranging guided nature walks, mountain climbs and more as part of their accommodation packages. A majority of visitors on those coming for their annual Africa vacation therefore love to stay in such establishments during their holiday.Top Africa holiday destinationsSome the most popular Africa vacation destinations are Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Ancient Egypt tours and vacations allow you to experience the beauty and splendor of the land of the Pharaohs. They include tours to the Great Pyramids, Sphinx as well as romantic cruise along the lovely River Nile, along with exploration of the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.A South Africa Vacation takes you to interesting destinations such as the world-famous Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, Pilanesberg and the Kalahari not mention Cape Town – recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Kenya vacations can, on the other hand, take you to the pristine sandy beaches of Mombasa or you can choose to tour some of the best national parks in Kenya such as the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo.It is possible to connect your Kenya vacation with a wildlife safari to Tanzania where you can visit the Serengeti national park or take a hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. From Tanzania, you can take a flight to the neighbouring Zanzibar, for a chance to enjoy some of the best beach holiday and vacations in Africa.While on an African safari vacation, you should be updated about the weather conditions of the region. In general, national parks are best visited in dry seasons when the roads are easier to negotiate and the wildlife tends to congregate at waterholes. However, some parks, like Serengeti in Tanzania, are at their best during the rainy months, when migrating herds trail over grasslands that are completely waterless in the dry season.